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Can Genji Deflect Moira

Genji schleudert ebenso präzise wie tödliche Shuriken auf seine Ziele und verwendet sein hochentwickeltes Katana, um gegnerische Projektile zu reflektieren. Genji Die Streuung von seiner Sec Fähigkeit von 12 auf 9. Deflect von 1,5 auf 2 sec Der Moira Nerf ist mal wieder nicht gut durchdacht. › watch.

Seite 2: Overwatch - Hanzo-Komplettüberarbeitung, Lucio-Buff und Rialto-Map jetzt auf PTR spielbar

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. aus Overwatch ;) Es war auf der Map Gibraltar, doch ich weiß nicht warum meine Moira das POTG bekam. Overwatch | Which Ultimates Can Genji Deflect? › watch. Developer Comments: The hitbox on Genji's Deflect was big enough that it would Replaces his existing Scatter Arrow ability; Hanzo can now rapidly fire up to 6 Fixed a bug that prevented Moira's flask from displaying in her Erlenmeyer.

Can Genji Deflect Moira Welcome to Reddit, Video

Overwatch - Moira's orbs interactions with Mei's walls and Genji's deflect

Can Genji Deflect Moira

Im Tipico Casino Can Genji Deflect Moira die Spieler aus einer breiten. - Vorläufige Patch Notes

Hallo Leute Ich habe gerade ein Video gesehen in dem kommende Änderungen an Hanzo, Genji und Moira bekannt gegeben wurden. Und warum NГ¤chste Champions League Spiele Echo generft, wenn Flirtmoms McCree und Ashe die dominatesten DPS sind? Sie kann sich gegen die DPS und Tanks verteidigen und gleichzeitig deren Powercreep-DPS heilen. Dev Notes: This change is just part of the overall changes to wall riding. Pulse Bomb [note 8]. Г¤uГџern Englisch source for esports news and exclusive content. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Rocket Flail [note 2]. Soldier:

I feel that Widow shots, hanzo arrows, soldier helix, mcree deadeyes are way more common to be deflected. At least for me. I have no idea if you can still do it, but at launch you could deflect Hanzo's Dragonstrike.

I did it a few times but rarely play Genji, but I've never seen anyone else do it! It's a very easy multiple kill.

Ive actually done that a couple of times. There is a small window as soon as he fires it where it is still an arrow. Thats what you can deflect.

One time, I accidentally deflected a Hanzo arrow and landed a double headshot. I am a TRASH Genji, but it was pure luck and the Hanzo DCed.

Ya know, as a Genji main, I haven't noticed a difference in my reflects in-game at all. It doesn't feel any worse to me. People seem to think it's some sort of dramatic nerf to Deflect No, but I did I was the widow.

Genji was in the middle of deflecting d. From the Genji end of things it feels no different because those odd periphery shots would have been hard to notice anyways, for everyone else it feels a little more fair.

Aha, sorry, I was just making a subtle joke about the size of Genji's hitbox. So big that even Genji can't see what he deflects because it's outside his field of vision.

Orb Volley is Life. As a Zarya player, I always make sure to carefully check for genjis and D. Ugh I always tell my team to demech dva before grav.

Transcendence is also the bane of my existence. Useful tip: If Zen does trans, just tell Rein or Orisa to shield over him and it blocks the healing to the rest of his mates.

What I want to say. Try to let your teammates battle Winston, or if you must, hit him with Shuriken at a safe distance. Both you and Winston are mobile, so it can serve in both of your interests to travel together and dive on the same opponents.

Provided Zarya has enough charge, the primary fire on her Particle Cannon can make very short work of you. Your overall damage is low when battling Zarya, but you can keep tossing Shurikens from a distance where Zarya can't attack you back.

Unlike Winston, Zarya's primary fire requires more precise aim, so when fighting at close range, try to jump around Zarya to confuse her and disrupt her aiming.

While it's incredibly risky, you can Deflect Graviton Surge, which can swerve the game completely in your favor.

Although Deflect is a powerful tool to turn Bastion's strength against itself, a smart Bastion will stop firing as soon as you use Deflect, so try to do so at close range so it has much less reaction time.

Thanks to your high mobility, you can quickly get behind Bastion and destroy it by attacking its weak spot in the rear with Fan of Blades.

When Bastion swerves around to attack you, that's the perfect time to retaliate with a Deflect and seal the deal. If you can't finish it off with Deflect, however, you may have difficulty with Bastion; you can use Swift Strike and Cyber-Agility to stay mobile and keep it from gunning you down, but unless you escape around a corner or up a wall, Bastion can finish you off before you get the chance to destroy it.

Heckling it with Shuriken from a distance and from behind corners can help chip away at its health, but its Self-Repair can heal at a quick enough rate to nullify your damage.

If you wish to kill Bastion with Dragonblade, try to wait until it's dead or in Recon Configuration. Bastion's Ironclad will help it withstain a sword swing or two, which will be enough time for it to mow you down, and you don't want to waste your Ultimate's duration using Deflect.

In a Genji vs Genji fight, both of you will have a hard time landing Shuriken due to your vertical mobility. If you have low health, you can use Deflect to buy time, though keep in mind that the opposing Genji will try to do the same.

Deflect can't block Swift Strike though; if the opposing Genji is near death and is Deflecting, swoop in to finish him off before he can use Swift Strike to flee.

If an enemy Genji is in a group, it's best to prioritize other enemies before him who you can kill quicker and more efficiently.

Hanzo's Storm Arrows can prove to be a threat to you at close range, but a quick Deflect can protect you while either killing Hanzo or causing the duration of his Storm Arrows to wear off.

Thanks to your Cyber-Agility, you can close the distance on Hanzo with little time and fight him at your preferred closer range. Hanzo will attempt potshots with his arrows at close range, but by staying mobile with Cyber-Agility and landing Swift Strikes, you can make quick work of him.

If you don't know where Hanzo is yet, though, take caution; Hanzo is deadly at long range, and he can snipe you before you get close enough to fight him.

It's possible to Deflect Dragonstrike, but the timing is extremely precise. When Hanzo activates his Ultimate, he first fires an arrow, which then transforms into Dragonstrike; you must Deflect the arrow immediately upon the Ultimate's activation.

If you time it right, you'll send Dragonstrike right back at your brother, but if not you'll find yourself on its receiving end.

Hanzo's Sonic Arrow is helpful for keeping an eye on enemies' locations. If you see enemies alone, you can hunt them down and retreat before their allies show up to help them.

Junkrat can be difficult to deal with at close range due to the large splash damage of his grenades, and he'll have a much easier time hitting you with them point blank than at a distance.

If you jump around with Cyber-Agility to avoid the grenades' arcs while pelting him with Shuriken, though, you can handle Junkrat fair enough.

You can quickly close the gap and use Swift Strike and Deflect to deal with a Junkrat trying to heckle you from afar.

However, Junkrat can still be risky due to his Steel Trap and Total Mayhem. His Steel Trap and Concussive Mine combo is especially dangerous, as if you're caught off guard by the Steel Trap, the Concussion Mine will be enough to kill you.

This can be even more problematic if you're caught in his Steel Trap during Dragonblade, which will waste more than half of the duration of your Ultimate while also making you an easy target.

If you kill Junkrat at close range, use Swift Strike to escape from Total Mayhem's bombs. With good aim, McCree can keep you at bay even if you're consistently jumping around.

While you can Deflect McCree's Flashbang, he can avoid this by aiming it at the ground or mid-air above your head, so don't assume you're safe from being stunned; the explosion from the Flashbang will still stun you and make you an easy target.

To counter the stun, try to position yourself in such a way that you will Deflect Flashbang by standing where you believe the McCree will be throwing it.

Regardless of Flashbang, your low firepower can make it difficult to finish off a good McCree. You can attempt to use your Shuriken and Swift Strike to quickly kill; otherwise it's better to regroup with your team or climb walls and peek around corners to avoid McCree's heavy fire.

McCree's Deadeye can be Deflected; not only can this protect your team, but it also has a chance to kill the McCree himself. Just be wary about your activation timing; a wise McCree will know that you will attempt to Deflect him, and can wait out your Deflect prior to firing Deadeye.

The slowing effect of Mei's Endothermic Blaster is extremely dangerous to heroes who rely on close range and high mobility such as yourself.

You can jump around to avoid Mei's Endothermic Blaster and avoid her consistent freezing stream while tossing attacks her way, but the range of her freezing is respectable and as soon as you get caught in it, the slowdown will be enough to cripple you and let her easily finish freezing you.

The best move as Genji is usually to perform a Swift Strike to flee and harass Mei from a distance with Shuriken. You don't have damage falloff at long range, so as long as you avoid Mei's dangerous icicles, you should be able to deal some decent damage at a distance.

While you can't Deflect the primary fire of Endothermic Blaster, you can Deflect its icicles, and more importantly, you can Deflect Mei's Blizzard Ultimate, which can completely turn the tides in favor of your team.

If Mei tries to block you in an area with Ice Wall, simply climb over them and quickly escape. Pharah's aerial superiority can make it difficult for you to land your Shuriken.

However, Cyber-Agility and Swift Strike can help reduce the distance between you and Pharah and make it a more even fight.

By consistently leaping in the air with Cyber-Agility, you can make it so that Pharah will have a harder time landing her rockets and hitting you with their splash damage.

While waiting for Swift Strike to recharge, you can Deflect a rocket or two back at Pharah. Better yet, if she activates Barrage, all you have to do is activate Deflect and position yourself in front of her, and you can send her rockets right back in her face.

Otherwise, try to hit her with Shuriken headshots and never stay in one place at a time, and you should handle her okay. Thanks to having a higher health and firepower, Reaper can make quick work of you if he catches you at close range.

However, you have much greater mobility than him; Cyber-Agility can allow you to climb away and get vertical distance, or in an emergency you can use Swift Strike to increase the gap.

You can also attempt to Deflect some of his fire, but he'll be ready to mow you down as soon as Deflect wears off so you'll need to Swift Strike away if you want any hope of surviving.

At medium to long range, you have a much better chance against Reaper by firing your Shuriken his way. Even if you don't land headshots, successive bodyshots can gradually rack up damage on him, forcing him to either retreat or meet a gruesome end with a timely Swift Strike.

While Deflect works to an extent against Death Blossom, Reaper's Ultimate outlasts your ability, and its area of effect can still hit you even while Deflecting.

Its large spread also makes it difficult to turn it back on Reaper to kill him, so it's better to just continue attacking with Shuriken or Swift Strike away when he activates his Ultimate.

Just be sure to always keep your distance from Reaper and you should be alright. You want to make Junkrat immune to his own grenades when he drops them after he's dead?

The window left just enough time for a Mercy to Resurrect the Junkrat who would be a sitting duck in his own Total Mayhem. I laughed for around 2 minutes straight at this.

Programmer: Well it could save us some trouble down the road if we speed up Mercy's res at any point and eliminate the invulnerability period after res.

Yes, Jeff, I'm stretching here but I'm trying to prove that my idea is sound even after you proved me wrong.

It was possible for a Junkrat to die from his own Total Mayhem if he was resurrected in the small window between his death and their detonation.

Widowmaker's passive 2. I agree this particular interaction should be fixed so that Genji can't heal himself by deflecting Baptiste's grenades, but it's possible Baptiste has a "hidden" passive that's responsible for how he interacts with his own healing.

You totally might be right on Baptiste. It just feels weird. Also, as for Widowmaker, why have they not just given her a named passive with the headshot damage increase.

It heals genji's teammates because they become his projectiles. But I agree that it shouldn't be healing genji himself. No seriously!

You can also kill an ally by absorbing Moira's damage orb during the last damage tick. It shows up in the kill feed as friendly fire.

It's also a useful case study in how software bugs can be really weird and convoluted, even for seemingly simple things.

I remember being D. Va and having like healing done although playing D. Va the entire game lol. I just eat Moira's orbs pretty frequently so that's why.

Does it work really? You think you're clever, but then the enemy Genji deflects your Call Mech, and now the enemy has two DVas. As a rein main, I kinda support this.

I kinda wanna ping pong between two teams if they both run Genji. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If he somehow gets close, conc blast to a good peek location where you can dodge his shuriken and rocket him until he tires, dies, or someone takes him off of your hands.

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Can Genji Deflect Moira Any tips on how to deal with moira as genji. Console. Close. 1. Posted by 8 months ago. Archived. Any tips on how to deal with moira as genji. Console. I know she counters genji but i can kill/escape most of my counters except moira. 20 comments. share. Genji gets his deflect buffed! Genji also see's the damage increased on his Shurikens and his second. For Overwatch on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Genji can deflect Moira's balls?" - Page 2. An annual Genji Deflect guide for Mythbusting previous comments, Now including Wrecking Ball, Brigitte and Ashe, Counting the results at the end. Time. 27 points. 1 year ago. (1 child) It's not that big a deal as a Moira TBH. Genji would have to spend time trying to deflect the orb and a good Moira would try and get it to bounce around a bit. So while he's distracted trying to deflect, you have a huge window of opportunity to dish out some damage and kill him. Can Genji deflect other Heroes' ultimates? Let's find out!Don't forget to Like Comment Subscribe for daily gaming videos! Follow me on Twitter: http:/. Genji can deflect mei's snowball and he switches teams. Lamp should work the same way since it's a projectile. Details. For two seconds, Genji will automatically deflect incoming projectiles towards wherever his crosshair is pointed. The deflected projectiles will act as if they were shot from a friendly source, including deflected ultimates. This only applies to projectiles within his field of view. Doing this does not affect the properties of the projectile; they will retain their damage, knockback, and ability to headshot (or lack thereof). Genji, how'd you ever get used to Overwatch comments. Va: am I a joke to you? You're forgetting that Afc Asian Cup can give any of my Rollenspiele Deutsch a 2 second window in Treasure Of Cutlass Reef to kill you without fear of taking damage. But That won't stop me from trying. Its luck and game sense as you see my ping is which is soo hard to react that fast i was anticipating the grav. Maybe all the bad genjis left because Lottino Ravensburger the slight nerds and only the good Premier League Blitztabelle are playing now. As a rein main, I kinda support this. Shuriken Ammo increased from 24 to Deflect GlГјcksspiel 8 Buchstaben block Kostenlos Automat Spielen Strike though; if the opposing Genji is near death and is Deflecting, swoop in to finish him off before he can use Swift Strike to flee. Boost into him and blast him with rockets to bait deflect DM once he does ofchalt boost when you just booped him and chug Netzwelt Spielhalle in the neck point blank.
Can Genji Deflect Moira

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Akzeptieren und weiter Mehr Infos zu Werbung und Tracking in unserer Datenschutzerklärung Uspin Slot im Datenschutzinformationszentrum. Genji Die Streuung von seiner Sec Fähigkeit von 12 auf 9. Deflect von 1,5 auf 2 sec Der Moira Nerf ist mal wieder nicht gut durchdacht. › watch. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. aus Overwatch ;) Es war auf der Map Gibraltar, doch ich weiß nicht warum meine Moira das POTG bekam. Overwatch | Which Ultimates Can Genji Deflect? Genji Die Streuung von seiner Sec Fähigkeit von 12 auf 9. Deflect von 1,5 auf 2 sec Der Moira Nerf ist mal wieder nicht gut durchdacht.


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